Svalbard Airport – Longyearbyen (ENSB – LYR)

Coordination status: Level 3
Slot Requests:
General Requests:
GA/BA Coordination: Slots required for all flights.(Flights within the Svalbard archipelago are exempted)

Coordination Parameters:

Runway Capacity:
No runway limitation as limiting factor.
Weight limitations (se AIP).

Terminal capacity:
Minimum of 30 minutes between departure and next arrival.
Maximum 6 passenger turnarounds per day.

Maximum 2 C-category aircraft +1 B-category simultaneously parked.

General/Business Aviation and Cargo/Mail flights
Slots required for all flights.

Opening Hours (Local time)
Monday 1130-1945
Tuesday -Friday 1000-1945
Saturday 1130-1945
Sunday 0730-1715

General note

The aircraft operator shall document fulfilment of the requirements stated in AD 2.23 p 3 ( to CAA Norway at least 14 days prior to commencing operations. CAA Norway will, after evaluating the documentation and finding it adequate, issue a letter of (1) compliance. A copy of this letter must be carried by the crew and presented to local airport authorities or representatives of CAA Norway on request. Please also be aware that you will have to apply to the Norwegian CAA for a (2)traffic permission for each flight minimum 2 workdays in advance to fly to Svalbard. Contact is

For further information, please refer to Svalbard Airport homepage