Copenhagen Airport / level 3


Effective January 01, 2022 – December 31, 2022
Coordination on runway constraints Dkk 10,50/per rotation and
in addition to this there will be a charge of Dkk. 5,25 per rotation
for airlines operating into “Go” lowcost terminal.

Declared capasity:

Runway Capacity (24H):

Arr Dep Mvt Timespan min.
6 6 9 5
15 15 25 15 Rolling
52 55 83 60 Rolling
96 96 166 120 Rolling


Night Curfew:

For some Aircraft types noise restriction apply during the period

between the hours 2300-0600 danish local time

For details see Operations in Danish airspace here (opens in a window)


GO terminal

Operators who wish to operate into CPH-Go lowcost terminal
speciel conditions applies.
Please refer to Copenhagen homepage (opens in a window)

to read/download Term Of Use and Prequalification guidelines

Syntax for SCR into Go

NAIR1234 AIR1235 23APR23APR 0000060 189320 LWG1700 1730LGW JJ / TA.L TD.L/


Handling at Copenhagen Airport is mandatory, please find contact details
to handling companies providing services at CPH by following below link:

Handling Companies

For further information please refer to

Copenhagen Airport homepage