Kristiansund Airport – Kværnberget (ENKB – KSU)

Coordination status: Level 2
Slot Requests:
General Requests:
GA/BA Coordination: Slots required for night-stopping GA/BA aircraft of ICAO category B and higher.

Coordination Parameters S23:

Runway Capacity:
No runway limitation as limiting factor.

Terminal capacity:
Arrival: Max 1 Non-Domestic arrival per rolling 60 minutes
Departure: Max 1 Non-Domestic departure per rolling 60 minutes
Max 450 dep passengers per rolling 60 minutes.

Limit of 2 overnight stops of GA/BA aircraft of ICAO category B or higher.

General/Business Aviation:
Slots not required for GA/BA aircraft of ICAO category A and B – exception according to above if overnight stop is required.

Opening hours (Local time):
Monday-Friday 06:00-23:15
Saturday 07:00-21:00
Sunday 08:35-23:15