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Vilnius Airport (VNO)

Please be advised that ACD has been designated as facilitator from 2. Aug. 2021
Please send your requests to

Faroe Islands

Vágar Airport (FAE), Faroe Islands

Please be advised Vágar Airport (FAE) will be designated as Level 2 from 1 July 2021


09June 2021- JNUS information
  Corresponding to stage 2 of the Swedish Government’s five-stage plan to adapt and phase out restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic a full relief for all flights at Level 3 airports (ARN, BMA, GOT) in S21 for the period of 28mar2021 until 15August2021 will be granted.
07June 2021- Slot information
The Airport Coordination Sweden board has decided to raise the SLOT fee from SEK 16 to SEK 20 from 01 July 2021 for each departure that requires the pre-allocation of a departure slot at Coordinated Airports (currently Stockholm Arlanda, Göteborg Landvetter and Bromma Stockholm).

Summer waiver announcement S21 approved guidance

EUACA guidance on EU Reg S21
Slot relief measures for S21 EU amended regulations  

For Norwegian airports please choose below link

Slot relief measures for S21 EU amended regulations 

Due to the current level of the pandemic, the following justified non-use of slots (JNUS) are in effect for Norwegian Level 2 and Level 3 airports:
 Domestic services including flights to/from Svalbard (LYR):
The text of the Regulation with slot relief measures as described above.  No further reliefs are granted.
International services: 
A full relief for international services in S21 are in effect from 28 March 2021 until 15 August 2021.
This alleviation is valid for all international flights independent of origin or destination. 
Questions regarding above may be sent to acn@airportcoordination.com

New and re-allocated slots are not automatically granted historics from W20 to W21,
if getting in conflict with granted slots covered by the EU waiver.

Our aim is to allow airlines and airports to advance their planning, and for airlines to make available any excess airport capacity for others to use.
As required by the Commission in the statement by Commissioner Adina Valean, the alleviation will apply the industry agreed conditions (see more here) to the Winter waiver.



The Nordic Airport Coordinators are responsible for the slot coordination, schedule facilitation, and scheduled data collection at a large number of airports within Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

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