Tromsø Airport (ENTC – TOS)
Coordination status: Level 3

Slot Requests:
General Requests:
GA/BA Coordination: Slots required for all General and Business aviation.

Coordination Parameters:

Runway Capacity:
Runway per any 60 minutes period: 25 movements limited to 20 departures and 20 arrivals.
Maximum 1 international (Incl Svalbard) arrival in any 45 min period. 
Limit of 2 international-, whereof maximum 1 non-Schengen (incl Svalbard)-, departures in any 45 minutes period.
60 minutes when changing from non-Schengen to Schengen.

Aircrafts that combine international (including Svalbard) and domestic flights in a turnaround count as Schengen when arriving from or continuing the domestic leg.

Terminal capacity:
900 offered departing seats in any 60 minutes period.

Max 10 parked aircraft at the same time

General/Business Aviation:
GA/BA aircrafts are only allowed for maximum 1 hour ground stop, unless confirmed hangar parking.
Slots not required for Ambulance flights.

Opening hours:
05:30-00:30 local time passenger flights all categories
05:30-01:20 local time for passenger flights fire category 4

H24for Fire Cat 4
Cargo/Mail/Pos aircrafts

For further information, please refer to Tromso Airport