Helsinki Vantaa Airport / level 3

Charges slotfee:

The Helsinki airport (Finavia) charges 50 % of the total costs of the coordination from operators
together with the landing fee. In the year 2020 the unit price for the operators is 1,34 €.

Slot coordination for general aviation and business flights

For GA/BA please send your request to E-mail:

An operator or a handling agent authorized by the operator must request an airport slot for an arrival and departure as a minimum 3 hours before the planned arrival or departure time.

Slot requests shall be submitted to the EFHK Business Flight Terminal by email.
Further information: +358 20 708 2720

Slot request shall comprise the following information:

  • date of flight
  • aircraft identification
  • type of aircraft
  • type of flight
  • estimated time of arrival and/or departure
  • aerodrome of departure and destination
  • aircraft registration
  • name of the handling agent

Business Flight Terminal will confirm slot times by e-mail to the sender. This confirmation includes, together with the information above, a slot identification (Slot-ID) which must
be included in the flight plan section 18.

For further information please see here

Capacity for W19 click Page 1 – Page 2 

Capacity for S19 click  Page 1 – Page 2

Runway Capacity:

S19, changes in capacity and restrictions due to closure of RWY 04L/22R during the period 18AUG-06SEP:

  • reduced arrival capacity 07.00 – 20.00 local time
  • due to runway construction and reduced capacity general aviation is not possible during peak hours 14.30 – 18.00 local time.