Luleå Airport
Level 1

Ramp Handling +46 (0)70 616 4936

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The Swedish Airforce base at LLA airport (F21) will undergo runway repair work during the period:
27Jun2022 – 12Aug2022 

Open hours (UTC) during the runway repair

27Jun2022 – 05Jul2022
20Jul2022 – 12Aug2022
Monday-Friday: 0400-2100
Saturday: 0500-1800
Sunday: 0600-2100

06Jul2022 – 19Jul2022
Monday-Friday: 0400-1800
Saturday: 0500-1800
Sunday: 0600-1800

Please be aware that LLA airport will close exactly at the time stated on the SMA dated 02Mar2022.
A necessary buffer is the operator’s responsibility.  No delays will be accepted. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact ACS.