Bodø Airport (ENBO – BOO)

Coordination status: Level 2

Slot Requests:
General Requests:

GA/BA Coordination: Slots not required for GA/BA aircraft.

Coordination Parameters:

Runway Capacity: 

Max number of movements per rolling hour:
Arr:  13
Dep: 13
Tot: 25

Terminal capacity: 

Max 2 aircrafts that involve international passenger operations at any time.
Schengen and non-Schengen flights cannot mix.
Minimum 2 hours between Schengen non-Schengen and vice versa.


Maximum 12 parked passenger aircrafts at any time.
Maximum 5 parked passenger aircrafts with 110 seats or more at any time.
Flights not in scheduled or charter operation need parking permit from airport operator.  See AIP xxx

General/Business Aviation:

All visiting GA/BA operators must request airport operator for approval.  See AIP.
Opening hours (Local time):


Monday-Friday 03:30-24:00
Saturday 05:00-21:00
Sunday 08:00-24:00


Fire Category 7 H24

For further information, please refer to Bodo Airport homepage