Bergen Coordinated Airport Level 3

Important information

The runway will be shortened from start of summer season to 28. FEB to 14.JUN.

The airport will also implement a night closure in the period 26 May – 14 June 2018.



Runway Capacity:

Runway per any 60 minutes period:  25 movements – 29 in peak 0700-0900 local time and 27 in peak 1500-1600  and 26 in 1600-1700 local time.

Runway per any 15 minutes period:  11 movements


Terminal Capacity:

2300 offered departing seats per rolling hour.

International terminal capacity:  1 260 offered departing seats in any 60 minutes period with the exception of Friday 2300utc-Sunday 1300utc where the capacity will be 1 950 offered departing seats in any 60 minutes period.


In addition 550 offered seats per rolling hour departing to the non-Schengen area.


40 minutes separation between aircrafts arriving from non-EEA/Swiss airports.”

General and Business aviation

Please follow link here (ENBR AD 2.20 Local traffic regulations)

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For further information, please refer to Bergen Airport hompage