How to Apply for Slot Times

  (To apply for General and Business Aviation GA/BA. and Military flights please press the submenu)

In order to obtain slot times at a fully coordinated airport the operator must apply for a slot by sending a request to the coordinator in IATA SSIM* format.

The main principles and rules for SSIM messages:

  • All dates, days and times are in UTC
  • Timings are on stand/off stand (not runway time)
  • Dates and periods of operations must be within the season period
  • Two seasons: Summer and Winter
  • Summer starts on the last Sunday in March through to the Saturday of the last weekend in October
  • Winter starts on the last Sunday in October through to the Saturday of the last weekend in March
  • Messages must be answered within 3 business days
  • Only 1 scheduled arrival and/or departure on the same day for a given flight designator
  • For CPH low-cost terminal GO add to end of data line / TA.L TD.L/

Messages can be sent by email to
For emails the following rules apply:

  • Plain text format only
  • No attachments
  • Email body must begin with the message format i.e. SCR
  • Your email address must be specified in the reference line of the header
  • Any non-standard text must be preceded by a SI or GI footer line

For assistance, see Slot Coordination Switzerland’s SCR CRASH COURSE